Creative Way To Make Money Online In Nigeria

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria , is our topic for today , for you to learn how to make money online ,you need to no the meaning of money and the history of money , so we can proceed on how to make money online in Nigeria 

List Of Possible Ways: On How to make money online in nigeria

1:Affiliate Program eg Jumia , konga and the rest , what is jumia all about , as a student you can run jumia affiliate , lets say a friend of yours wanna buy a phone from jumia , you can give him you jumia affiliate link to register and purchase the phone , you will be getting your own commission for bring your friend to buy the phone under you ( buying the phone via you affiliate link)

2: , Selling Of books eg if you have passion to write a story , you can write an interesting story and sale it to your fellow students at cheap rate

3: Helping other bloggers To build blog or creating blog for people
Is the process of creating blog for people and charging them at reasonable price

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

4:GOOGLE ADMOB is an ad been given to the user by google to place on any app , so when user of the app click on the ad , the person will get commission ,This is the link to sign in as a  publisher and earn via

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5:INFOLINKS Infolinks in an ad network that help you to monetize the traffic of your site , It helps you to legitimatise the profitable keywords. we tend to created few buck with them, however stopped in favor of our reader’s expertise. the link to their publisher’s program is .

6:GOOGLE ADSENSE Google AdSense is the most common way a blogger make money online , is one of the biggest ad that pay over 1 Billion’s publisher ,  Assuming that you just have engineered up the specified traffic to earn on-line monthly with Google adsense program. You’d would like sign in to their monetisation theme by following once the ideas here https://

7:SALE DIGITAL PRODUCTSYou will be able to build cash from your web/blog by selling eBooks, phone consultation service, cluster employment and selling of digital notes to your audience.

In Conclusion on How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

These are the legitimate way to make money online using internet , I believe online or making money online is not a fraud or all sort of words called yahoo , you can make money online by following the steps listed above , this is not a program that teach you how go get rich over night , but is a program that teachs you on how to be independent , how you can make money for your self online with out going to any organisation to submit CV , How to make money online at the comfort of your house and with you laptop and your Android phone legitimate , follow the steps well and excel , in case you have any question for us , make use of the comment section , and please don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more tips on how to make money online , we are here to teach you the legitimate way to make money online with little or no investment

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