How To Increase Mobile Network Signal On Android SmartPhone

Hey , Today we are going to be discussing on How To Increase Mobile Network Signal On Android SmartPhone , How to increase Android Smart Phone network signal ,

How To Increase Mobile Network Signal On Android SmartPhone

Despite the development of mobile networks  , there are still places where the signal is not good. A weak/low  signal can cause many problems with the quality of the connection and increases the power consumption of the phone Battery when using the Net,

In some area , their is lack of signal or no connection of network has become a big
problem for Mobile /Cell phones. Users want to be able to use their cell phone ,/ smart phone in making call whenever they want to make call

While some areas have Network connectivity
problems, which we can hardly do anything about, some phones begin’s to show no Network signal even if  when their is  network  or when the network is available. Some of this problems can be related to some phones , we cannot blame the network in some case’s like this

You will have to check your sim card well , Check how the sim was inserted Before you start troubleshooting the problem on your phone to increase mobile network signal, I will advice you to check if the SIM is working fine on another device. You can use your friends  phone  to check if the problem is from your sim card or is from the phone, and it also help you to  figure out if  the problem is from  the network or is from the  phone. If the SIM behaves properly and you are able to make and receive calls and send messages without any problems in another device, then the problem is from your device you are using.

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How To Increase Mobile Network Signal On Android SmartPhone

Below are the possible ways to help you  boost your Andrpid Smartphone Network signal

Remove The Sim Card From The Phone

when you didn’t insert the  SIM card in thee required order , you will find a problem of no Network signal,  To resolve this problem of Network Signal ,  Switch off your phone and remove the SIM card. Now put the sim card back and  make sure that you put the sim card in a proper way ,

Restart Your SmartPhone

Restarting your mobile phone is the process of rebooting your mobile for , Once you restart the device, it refreshes the system and the device looks for network all over again. It is usually helpful, May Be  the problem may be fixed only temporarily and it may reoccur at a later time. For people who do not face this problem very often, a restart  of the phone can be a quick and easy solution to the problem .

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Activate AirPlane Mode

The  airplane mode stops all mobile connections. This is the goal – to stop the links in minutes and then disable the airplane mode. This will make the phone reboot the modem and make a new, better connection. For Android, it’s easy to get on airplane mode. We  need to download the drop down menu from the top of the screen and click on  the icon of the plane. Once
we wait, we will press it again to close the

Choose Mobile Network Automatically

This is the process of choosing your mobile network signal automatically, 

Update The Software Of Your SmartPhone

The software on your phone  must
be updated in regularly when is outdated so that your device will works properly. When your device is updated, the new software will make your device to be fast in operating and also increase your network signal

Reset To Factory Settings

Is the process of formating all the software is the phone so it can be able to restore it self , it might likely to help your network signal but before doing that make sure you backup your files first before Resetting to factory settings

Conclusion on: How to increase Android Smart Phone network signal

Apply the above tips step by step , stick to the instructions on the post and follow the procedure’s one by one and  I believe it will help and guide you in solving your Android Smart Phone network signal related issue , please don’t forget to share and subscribe to get more update from us via your email

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