How To Grow Your Blog And Get Visitors From Google

How to grow your blog is what will be talking about today , today am going to be teaching you How to grow your blog , so that you can make more money from it I will be teaching you on how to get organic traffic from google. So you can get visitors in large volume that will visit your blog so you can make more money from your blog base on your niche

My blog here is not too large but a small blog base on my niche , I earn income monthly , is not all about blogging regularly , but is all about blogging on what that your audience / visitors find useful/ helpful to them

Hey am not going to  be talking too much , In this Article ,today i am going to be teaching you on  how to get visitors to your blog and make a tangible amount of money from your blog

How to grow your blog

Yes is going to be like this , the more visitors you have, the more money you can make. You normally want to do anything you can to drive more traffic to your site and build your email list. The following are some of the top tips to grow your blog traffic. You can explore each of these tips further as you continue on your blogging career

How To Grow Your Blog

If you want  to learn how to grow your blog and get traffic then you should  consider the Tips am going to be listen  below Follow the tips step by step and your blog will improve and you will get an increase in your traffic / visitors

Install The Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Yoast Seo Plugin is a WordPress ad on that enable you to configure your seo , it also enable you to optimize your article for better ranking , it guide you also on how to write seo article by giving you guide on how to check your article readability , focus keyword score and density and this plugin has been installed by over 1 million people , pro blogger make use of it so I will advice you to install yoast seo plugin if you want to grow your blog and get more traffic from google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the practice
of writing your blog posts so they can  rank higher On  google search engines.

It is quite a science and way too much to
get into. There are all kinds of books, courses On How to Search engine optimization  but  You can spend hours just learning the basics skill on how optimize seo article and how to rank keywords

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List Create Email List

Email  list is another factor of growing a blog , if you ask many  bloggers the successful to ones , they will tell you that email list is very import , it can make you to improve your blog , let me start by saying , after having like 2000 subscribers on your email list , You just pick a keyword and blog on it , believe me , before you can rank the post on google if you have active email subscribers , you would have gotten much increase on the post , before  google will index a post , email list is very important in blogging

Guest Post

If you want to learn how to grow your blog then guest posting is very important  idea that will help you, Guest posting is where you write a blog article for someone website. There are two very important reasons for guest posting:

1. You Can Drive A Lot  Of New Traffic To Your Website

You can make a guest post , an article on any popular site and you will get a very big email subscribers in less than 48 hours, and page views.

You will never know what results you will get. But you  have to try That occasionally to find out.


2. To Get Links To Your Website

One of the factors of ranking is getting back links from high quality website , make sure the linking is from a high DA and PA website because back links from high quality website helps you in ranking on google first page

Pin On Pinterest


Pinterest is one of the top traffic sources for many blogs. When I sat through a Pinterest session at a recent conference, I was blown away.

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Bob over at SeedTime Personal Finance
showed us how he was using Pinterest to
generate over 1,000,000 page views in a
year to his website. HUGE!

How To Get Backlinks From Guest Post

You Should Make Sure That All your blog posts  have Share buttons that will allow your readers to share your posts on social media ( Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest , etc.)

Make use of this tool

Social Warfare Is a social media plugin use to share article on  social media

Link Your Posts Together

These means adding internal links on your blog , Link multiple links when creating an article because internal links will make your visitors to say long in your blog

Conclusion: How To Grow Your Blog
And Get Visitors From Google

To be successful in blogging you have to find what works for you and focus on it and make sure you invest in your blog because blog can be seen as a business and is lucrative and profitable , Write quality article  that will suit’s your audiences , make friends with top bloggers on Facebook and other social media form to guide you more on how to grow your blog and get visitors from google , Don’t always be in a hurry to make money from your blog because blogging is not internet fraud or so call yahoo , be patient and do what works for you , in the due time you might likely to see blogging as a career that is of you do the right thing at the right time

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