How Much does it cost to own a Blog in Nigeria 2020

How Much does it cost to own a Blog in Nigeria 2020 is our topic for today , have you be thinking How Much It Costs To Own A Blog In Nigeria , you have to worry no more people today am going to be telling you how much it will cost you to own a blog in Nigeria

How Much does it cost to own a Blog in Nigeria

How Much does it cost to own a Blog in Nigeria

First of all to own a blog in Nigeria you have to decide for your self on what you are good at doing , before going into blogging so you will no end up quiting blogging

Types Of Blogs

There are certain types of blogs you should be concerned with. They are;

1. Personal Blogs

2. Niche Blogs

3. Business Blogs

4. Affiliate  Marketing Blogs

What Is  Blogging All About ? Blogging can be seen as the process of running/managing your blog to serve the purpose of creation. The frequent writing/publishing of articles and updating of a blog is known as  blogging.

How Much Does It Costs To Own A Blog In Nigeria

The costing is base on your Niche , that is what you want to  be blogging on

Effect Of Copy And Paste Blogging

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Things needed to set up a blog in Nigeria

To have a professional website or blog  you need;

1. Host account: This is provided by web hosting companies. They provide  a server space where all  The content on your website/blog  is stored so that it can be accessible to anyone from anywhere at anytime in the world.

2. Custom domain : This is your address on the web. It is where your visitors go to when they want to
access your contents or buy from you.

3. Theme (Premium/Free version): This means a pre- designed template you can build your website or blog on.

What Is The Cost Of Having A Website Or Blog In Nigeria

The cost is determined  on the things you need to setup  the website or blog, which are; web hosting account, custom domain

The Nigerian host I  Fully recommend is DomainKing . and  A shared hosting account on DomainKing costs as low as N5000/year which comes with free domain and 2gb disk space.And you can equally  get host with more disk space (10Gb, Unlimited space on DomainKing). BUY YOUR WEBHOSTING ON DOMAINKING HERE.

Conclusion on How Much does it cost to own a Blog in Nigeria

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You can start a blog as low as 5000 Naira , this is base on your Niche , on what you want to be blogging on , please don’t forget to share this post and subscribe to this blog via email

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