Lotto Grant Format For Yahoo 2024 : Investigation Exposed

Welcome back, Today I will be taking about The investigation on Lotto Grant Format For Yahoo, I talked about Inheritance Format on my previous Article but today I will be focusing on Lotto Grant Format For Yahoo, How It Works and how you can protect your self from getting scammed with it.

Note: The Purpose Of This article Is To exposed How This Lotto Grant Format For Yahoo is been done So You Will get Your self protect from falling a victim of such.

Lotto Grant Format For Yahoo 2024

Lotto Grant Format For Yahoo

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This lotto Grant Format I will be channeling it towards betting. So I will be calling it betting scam Format.

Do you actually know you can scam people using this betting format which I also call Lotto Grant Format.

The method is basically simple but when it comes to this method you need to be Extral careful.

But before going into this method you need some tools which you will be needing.

Laptop or mobile phone

When it comes to Yahoo Business I will recommend you using laptop and also when it comes to Yahoo if you want to use a mobile phone you should go for a good phone like iPhone.


You will be needing vpn to hide your IP address and identity.this will enable to be on ghost to avoid any caught.

Fake Phone Number

When it come to mobile number. You will need to get a registered phone number, make sure you are not the person that register the phone to enable you be on ghost.

So after getting all this things, the problem now is how can I do Yahoo Using the lotto Grant Format?

Hey worry no more let me tell you how you can do Yahoo Using betting scam Format which I also call Lotto Grant Format.

How To Use Betting Scamming Format For Client (Lotto Grant Format)

When it comes to this you are the one to determine which place you want to run your own scamming using the lotto Grant Format which I also regard as betting scam format.

To Do this you need to use Bet9ja fixed match method.

You can Etheir use WhatsApp group or Telegram Group for this method. I have Explain How To Do Yahoo On Telegram Here you can check it out.

But to do that you need to run an advert on Facebook.

Get a fake screenshot of a winning Bet9ja ticket be posting it on your telegram group or WhatsApp group, depending on the one you are using.

Run and advert on Facebook to attract people to join the telegram Group.

Keep on posting fake winning ticket on your telegram group and some will get interested and message you for fixed match.

When they message you list to them the prices of you game. When they eventually pay you, You send fake game and block them and remove them from your group.

That is the local way of Doing Yahoo Using betting which I also call Lotto Grant Format.


I hope you have learnt betting format for yahoo same as Lotto Grant Format for yahoo And How To Protect Your self from getting scammed.

Kindly share this article to your friends and have access to my premium post.

Stay safe.

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