Gay Format for yahoo Pdf Download Investigation Exposed

Yahoo yahoo is the work lazy Nigeria youth do this day, have you heard of Gay Format for yahoo Pdf Download? , This Is Another Free Yahoo Boys Format So You Can Protect your self from getting scammed.

Yahoo has Taken over, mostly in Nigeria, most Nigerian youth don’t stress their self Going To search For Work, Most of Them prefer going To HK To learn Yahoo, The HK Is Know As Hustling Kingdom.

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Please Note: That This content Is For Educational Purposes, You should not miss- used the nature of the content, is just an aware for you to know the gay Format pdf is been done so you will not fall a victim of getting scammed by Yahoo Boys Using the gay Yahoo Format.

This format is almost similar to that of Dating Billing Format.

Requirement And Tools Needed For Latest Gay Format

  • 1: Good Working Laptop Or Phone.
  • 2: Fake Social Media Account.
  • 3: Foreign Number.
  • 4: Google Translator.
  • 5: VPN.
  • 6: Video cloning Software.
  • Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

    You need those application to do Gay Yahoo Billing For Client.

    1: Good Working Laptop Or Phone

    When it comes to Gay Format for yahoo, You need a good working laptop or phone, because that is what you are going to use to chat with Your Client .

    2: Fake Social Media Account

    You need a fake social media account either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, that is where you will get Client, you must make sure that your make your profile to look like gay, with that you can easily get client on Facebook .

    Don’t forget we are still on Gay Format for yahoo.

    3: foreign Number

    When it comes to Gay Yahoo Format, You need foreign number and this number can either be USA, Canada, UK number because when you are using Foreign Number it make it look professional.

    Is the foreign number you will use to open Whatsapp and is their you will be chatting with Your Client.

    4: Google Translator

    you need a Google Translator because you can get a client that don’t speak English, you can be using the translator when you are chatting with him.

    5: VPN Stand For Virtual private Network

    You need this Vpn To hide your identity online And Same Time You Can Use To Hide Your IP Address Online.

    6: Video cloning Software

    You need a Cloning video software to fake video call, Incase if your client want to call you on video call, you can use video cloning software application to fake the video call.

    How To Use Gay Format for yahoo [EXPOSED]

    Gay Format for yahoo Pdf Download : Free Yahoo Format

    What you should know is that Gay Yahoo is just like a date between two man, in a simple way is a data that take place between two men.

    The men claim to love each other and do something for each other, when you are using the gay Yahoo Format you should know that is all a relationship that occur between two men.

    Yahoo Gay Billing Format Sample

    Hey James, Good day, It has been a long time, I hope you are Cool over their, I am message in respect of My Feeding, I Don’t Know if you can send me money to Get Some Foodstuffs, Thank You.

    You see how you are going to present the message, because the gay is just like you and him is dating, and that message is just like you are billing him using Food Billing Format For Client Yahoo .

    That is all, you can get the full format by contacting me.


    That is all on Gay Yahoo Format, Make sure you are always on VPN in other for you to hide your IP Address And Stay Anonymous Online.

    You can. Always get client from Facebook .

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