Fixed Match Yahoo Format : Bet9ja And Sportybet Format [Exposed]

Investigation on Fixed Match Yahoo Format : Bet9ja And Sportybet Yahoo Format.

Food ball betting has been the other of the day, most people can no longer do without betting, I must tell you that most especially Nigerian’s they always go about looking for Fixed Match Telegram channel or Fixed Match WhatsApp Group.

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Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

Since the rate of search on fixed match, then it is time for you to make use of Fixed Match Yahoo Format : Bet9ja And Sportybet Yahoo Format to make money.

This article is mainly for local hustle.

Still on Fixed Match Yahoo Format, next question now is where you can find clients using this format.

Where To Find Client Using Fixed Match Yahoo Format?

Fixed Match Yahoo Format : Bet9ja And Sportybet Format

Below are list of place to get client for Fixed match yahoo scam.


Facebook still remain one of the best place to get client for yahoo work, you can add people from football betting group or you can create your own group and claims you provide sure fixed match in other for you to get people that are interested in fixed match attention so you can add them in your group.


No big difference from Facebook, but Instagram remain a big place to get big paying client, and in other for you to do this, you need an old Instagram account which you will Edith it and make it look real, you will claim that you provide accurate fixed match, from their you can start telling them to join your WhatsApp Group or Facebook group.

Tools Needed For Fixed Match Yahoo Format [Exposed]

When it comes to this Fixed Match Yahoo Format, you have many tools you need in other to stand firm and be able to bill your client.

Check out for the tools below;

Photoshop skills

What this Photoshop do is that, you will need it for editing betting slip, making it look real, let me tell you, most fixed match winning ticket you see online are scam.

So you need to know how to fake winning ticket in other to get your audience attention.

Usa Whatsapp Number And Group

When it comes to Fixed Match Yahoo Format be it Bet9ja or Sportybet Yahoo Format, you will need a USA phone number and WhatsApp Group because that is where you can be able to chat with your client and the Whatsapp group is where you will join them any time you ask them to pay for vip.

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How Does Fixed Match Yahoo Format : Bet9ja And Sportybet Format Works

This is just simple, this is how it works.

You will get a client on Facebook or Instagram and you will move them to Whatsapp and you will tell them you are into football analysis and betting, from their you will show them so winning football ticket, and if they believe you, you will ask them to pay in other to join you vip group and when they pay you will block them.

Next thing again is that you can tell them that you have sure game you will give them and you will tell them before they will get the game, they have to pay for the game and when they pay for the game.


That is all, you can be updated on football by checking Livescores,make you don’t give out people you real Bank Details to use in sending you money for the game, you can open a separate one for it so to avoid some one reporting your account details to the bank.

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