Excuses To Get Money From Parents Without Them Knowing

5 Top Excuses To Get Money From Parents Without Them Knowing

Are you a student Do you want to know some of the Excuses To Get Money From Parents that is the Excuses To Use In Other To Get Money From your Parent Without Them Knowing

Worry no more ,I will show you some of the Excuses To Get Money From Somebody Without Them Knowing same as To your parents also

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Getting Money From parents are always hard but you can make it very easy if you know what you are doing

This is just a simple method you can use to get money from your parent as a college student but for this tricks to work , it will depend on how your parents are when it comes to giving out money

This is not the regular Yahoo billing Format , it just a guide on how to billing your parents for money which can be said to be student billing Format

In other for you to learn and know this proper you need to read this article from beginning to the end


5 Best Excuses To Get Money From Parents Easily

Excuses To Get Money From Parents


1: School Project Excuse

This Can be seen as one of the best Excuse you will give to your parent in other to get money from them

Don’t worry your self at all since you are not going to be the first person to make use of this excuses to get money from his or her parent

Long time ago which is years ago , many students has use this school project of a thing to collect money from their parent

And same method is still happening and will continue happening for a student to tricks his or her parent and get money from them all in the name of school project

TO be honest is the best Excuse you can use, that is if your school is far from home

let me say if the university or polytechnic were you are schooling is far

When using project method to bill your parent ask small small to avoid suspecious

If you are to ask., Try and ask for little because you are going to use that same method over and over again

You can start by asking/requesting for a certain amount , You can start by requesting for money for assignment and the assignment will attract mark and it has a Deadline

For your parents to easily give you the money for assignment you must have performed well/good on your previous assignment ,

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Hello, Mum ,

We are currently handling a project In the school that The mark from the project will be Added to our exams, We need 45$ To complete the project

Me and my friends has source for the money by all means but we find nothing

Mum I don’t no if you can assist me with the money , thank you mum
Love you mum

2: Self Improvement Classes Excuse

This is the responsibility of a responsible parent duty to make sure that thier child get quality/Good education

Every parent will like their child to improve in their life and acquire more skills

That is what you are trying to do ,to use student billing Format method
Only the money gotten from it will be use in improving your own bank account

What you will do is to get your parents ready , inform your parent that you have a course that will be starting soon that you need money to Register the course

Get A Good course , you can use your photoshop to design a fake Title and course outline ,send to them

When running this you need to start with a non-expensive Course

Since the course is not expensive it will look good in the eyes of your parent

This is still the best method to use and get money from your parents without getting caught

Hi Dad , is not easy for me , I have been having severe challenges managing my time well for higher productivity Due To Too much stress

Tana Introduced me on a master class which is basically focusing on time management.

I have made up my mind hoping to join the class to enable me Improve my self on time management.

I am telling you base on some little challenges on my hand , I need money To register for the class , the money is 100$ I know you will help me Dad is for a month course.

Thanks Dad
I love You Dad”


3: Shopping Allowance Excuse

This is simple and self explanatory , To get money from your parent using shopping as an Excuse all you have to do is to give them Excuse that will look real

Let me say as a college girl you can tell your parent you need money to buy some departmental cloth which is mandatory to wear on a specific lecture days , which you will collect the money and puck it

Is just a tricks you are not stealing from them


4:HairCuts/Hair Dressing Excuses

Base on haircuts and Hair Dressing you need to find a way to tricks your parent to give you money for cutting of hair or dressing a hair

You can tell him , Dad my hair is bushy and is making me to sick , I will be needing 50$ to cut it down please kindly help me Dad , Thank You and Love You Dad


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5: Birthday Excuses

This is just a method of telling your parents to assist you with a money to celebrate your birth

You can tell your parent that your friend is celebrating birthday tomorrow that you will like to be their

That if he can help you with money to support your friend in celebrating

So when he gives you the money you will pocket it and use it for your own birthday

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