Egg Distribution Business In Nigeria : How To Start it

Egg Distribution Business In Nigeria

Egg distribution business in Nigeria is one of the lucrative business that most entrepreneurs have failed to consider, with the distribution of eggs to shops, household, business centers etc you can make nothing less than 100k in a day, and over 900k in a month. as a Nigerian looking for a lucrative business to do is can be very stressful and confusing, if you find the one you love or have passion for it’s either the competitions is high, if you find the one with less competitions you might get limited demand and supply and so on however with the egg distribution business you can make six figures monthly to your bank account. Now let me show you how you can possibly use the egg distribution business in Nigeria to earn a living.

Egg Distribution Business In Nigeria

As you all know, Egg Distribution business is all about buying eggs directly from farms and reselling at wholesale price to the retailers, individuals, wholesalers, or even the final consumers.

With N100k you can Make more than 180k in four weeks if you deliver up to 3 times in a week or 80k if you deliver eggs once in a week

Eggs supply business is very lucrative and you can determine what you want your profit to look like.

How Can I  Start Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria?

This venture may not require an office, (if you actually need and you can use your house) because the business is like drop shipping business. Before you can start buying eggs, the first thing you must do is to contact 2-3 egg sellers who will always buy eggs in bulk.

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Its simple to get new customers as far as you will not disappoint on your delivery, your cost is cheaper and your eggs are neat /fresh/sizable.

Wholesalers are ready to buy because most of them prefer distributors due to the fact you’re the one that will bear the risks of cracks, conveying and transport contingencies

Egg is high in cholesterol  you can also check out some health benefits by Healthline and this makes it a perfect diet for growing children. It reduces the risk of diseases, it also supplies protein to the body, it is rich in vitamin A and this helps in healthy eyesight, it contains chlorine and it is used to build cell membranes which helps in producing molecules in the human brain.

For you to  set up a successful egg distribution business here in Nigeria, there are some things  to put in mind and  some of the tips you need in term of  your eggs supply business in Nigeria are listed below

Have Are Expected To Have Your Own Vehicle

Egg business Can Be seen To Be  profitable in Nigeria when you Make it A  profitable business. The main Reason of having your own Vehicle  is for you to make use of it interms of distributing your eggs  to your customers/buyers. Some shop owners  feels too comfortable once they are  in their shops, and so they feel lazy to go to the farm to pick eggs and they also  put in mind the number of eggs that will crack/break  during the  picking directly from the farm on their own. This is why being a distributor is important in egg business.

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Locate A  Targeted Market Place

Picking  eggs from the farm is not a  problem,  the major thing is your target market is what matters to you. Your target should be the highly crowded environment or a place that is popular in nature . It might  be  a markets place ore any where, the Distributing aspect makes you spread your distribution process all around. Once you have figured out  where and whom to distribute your eggs to, you will only need to go be going their  directly.

Some Other Working Tools

The Necessary  Requirement of  tools needed for this business is empty crates, it can also  be  a paper crates or plastic crates. You can buy crates of 100 pieces at N10,000 or N5,000 if you are required or  choose to buy the paper crates , the total number you will need to start and run  your business  depends on your Capability . Note that the paper crates are more protective and cause no harm and also protect the eggs from cracking , it also reduces the number of cracks you will encounter from transferring your eggs, and it is cheaper as well but damages more quickly than the plastic ones.

Cost of buying  a used vehicle can  take up to 90% of your capital needed in starting up the  business. Once you are a distributor , the only cost that is needed from you to run the business is  N80,000, with the 80,000 you can buy 120 crates of eggs .,   any balance that is remaining from the 80,000 will be using  on  the fueling the  vehicle and other road expenses.

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Required Profit In Egg Distribution Business in Nigeria

In this business, you are a boss on your own and you are expected to decide  on how much profit you want to make in a week.  It have to be on any size of egg you choose to buy,

If you run the business well , you will be making 100,000 weekly and 400,000 monthly as your profit

If you subtract your monthly expenses from the profit you gain monthly ,  am very sure you will still have a money  to save.

picking , Buying and selling eggs might look some how  to you but take a look at how  profitable it is,  Try and  Keep yourself busy and be productive and creative at the same time .

Hatching Egg Suppliers in Nigeria

Dehat  the Global Resources. No 4,Olayemi Street,Joyce B Road, …

Iykefidel Nig Limited. 10,Abgonbgon street,off ladipo mushin lagos. …


Obasi Chicken Farm Enterprises. …

Planet Agro Investments. …

Syto International

In conclusion on Egg Distribution Business In Nigeria

Egg Distribution Business In Nigeria is very profitable , you can make cool  money from the Business if you put more effort , instead of waiting for employment , is more profitable for you to be productive and creative , please share this post and subscribe on the blog

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