Effect Of Copy And Paste Blogging Every Blogger Must Read

Do You Actually Know The Effect Of Copy And Past Blogging , Today I am Going To Be Teaching The Effect Of Copy and Paste Blogging , How Copy and Past Blogging Harms Your Blog and The Disadvantages Of Copy And Paste Blogging

Effect Of Copy and Paste Blogging

Effect Of Copy and Paste Blogging

What is  Copy and Paste Blogging , Copy and Paste Blogging is the process of copying another person blog post  , copying another blogger article

Effect Of Copy and Paste Blogging

If you copy another person blog post ,You will have many problem to encounter in this Blogging of a thing because , copy and paste is not a good option at all , before starting a blog ,you have to make proper research and take a decision to your self , first of all , ask your self , what am I capable of doing , what do I know how to do best , after that you can start

The main Effect Of Copying Article From another Website


if the person you copy his or her article report you to DMCA act , Google will automatically remove the article you copy from that persons blog   , the  main effect of the DMCA , you are going to loose your ranking , if your blog is not yet approved by google AdSense , google AdSense we never approve the blog again , if you are using google AdSense , google AdSense will ban your account that is if you keep on copying and pasting

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Copy and paste Blogging still remain the reason why many bloggers quite Blogging because

1 They lack knowledge of blogging , all they do is to copy article from another blog and paste on their blog

2 After copying from another blog and pasting on their website , when they apply for google AdSense and google did not approve them , they become frustrated and quite Blogging

3 After Copying From Another blog and loss Their ranking Due to DMCA Act they become frustrated and quite Blogging

4 Not Knowing Their Main Focus Towards Blogging All they No Is to follow what others are Doing , Not Knowing That what works for MR A Can’t Work For MR B , for instance of Naijaloadad , they see that Naijaloaded is doing well in music Blogging , all they are going to do is to jump and enter music niche with out doing research , after that if they see that they are not making any money from it they will automatically quite Blogging

My Main Advice To Copy And Paste Blogger’s

Research Before Starting A blog

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Have a Determination Before Starting Blogging

Stop Copy And Paste

Learn How To Monetize You Blog

That is all , kindly diseases From Copy and past blogging if you want to  be a  successful  Blogger

Wrapping up: Effect Of Copy and Paste Blogging

Copy and paste is bad and can destroy your Blogging career ,stop it , Kindly subscribe  and share our blog with your friends and family , thank you for. Reading

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