Easybuy Loan App – How Easybuy Loan App Works.

Easybuy Loan App : How Easybuy Loan App Works.

Easybuy Loan App Is An Online Rendering App that enables you to get loan from the platform And Pay Back your loan with low interest.

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What is Easybuy Loans App?

Easybuy Loan App – How Easybuy Loan App Works

Easybuy Loan App is a simple app that allows you to apply for phone loan online. And you can use the app to get a personal loan, business loan. All you need is your bank account details and you are ready to go!.

EasyBuy offers loans for people who want to purchase new phones but don’t have enough cash. Easybuy loans offers short term loans for phones at competitive interest rates.

Most people know that smartphone costs keep rising, but they don’t realize that there is an easy way to get them financed. That is why the Easybuy loans application is available in, since it allows individuals to buy their desired cell phones without paying the full cost upfront.

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Get Easybuy Phone?

To get an easybay phone on easybuy app, just follow these:

Step one:
You should go to any company or shop to buy your mobile. EasyBuy got agents who help individuals get registered onto the platform and also the telephone swiftly. Those agents are typically found in various stores where telephones are sold, and all you must do is discover certainly 1 of them.

Their agents are specially identified by their EasyBuy branded t-shirt. And they’re usually located near the front desk. They are there to help you with anything from setting up the phone for easybuy.

Step two:
After choosing an Easybuy agent, the next thing you need to do is choose the phone that you want and that you can afford.



And lots of others.
You need to first register on the Easybuy under the “My Account” section by providing your mobile telephone, home postal code, bank verification number (BVN), debit account, company or shop name, etc.

Once registered, you can then proceed to the payment page where you have to pay at least 30 percent of the phone price as an initial down payment, and the duration of the contract must be agreed upon, which could last from three months to six months.

You may want to consider paying more than 30% to reduce the interest rate.

Step three:
If you want to get phone from Easybuy, then you need to provide four people who are willing to be compensated for their time.

Step four:
The next step is to download the Easybuy app onto your phone. Once logged in, you may be asked to set up your payment schedule on the Easybuy app.

For example, if you’re paying for an item by card, you may choose to set up automatic payments so that the platform automatically debits your account when the payment is due.

Easybuy Loan App Rate And Interest

Your rate of return will depend on whether you choose an easypay loan term or an easyrepay loan term.

You should consider how long you want to repay your loan before deciding which option works best for you.

3 months with 9%,
and four years at 8 percent per year.

Requirements for EasyBuy loan.

  • BVN.
  • ATM Card.
  • Valid ID – International Passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card or Voter’s Card.
  • How Do I pay Easybuy loan?

  • Mobile App Transfer.
  • Bank Transfer.
  • Debit Card
  • You can reach out to EasyBuy Customer Care by using any of these methods:

    Phone Number: +01-8888188

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    Conclusion On: Easybuy Loan App – How Easybuy Loan App Works.

    That is all You Need To Know about That particular loan App, But You Must Make Sure That You will always Pay Your Debt on time in other not to attract More interest Rate.

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