Easy Way to Receive Payment From Someone

Have you been looking for Easy Way to Receive Payment As A Yahoo Boy?, Today I will be Telling you the easy way to receive payment as a Yahoo boy.

Note: The Purpose Of This article Is To exposed How it is been done So You Will get Your self protect from falling a victim of such.

As a Yahoo Boy you must consider how to receive payment from your client.

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This particular method work all over the country why some work only on USA And Canada.

What Are The Easy Ways to Receive Payment As A Yahoo Boy

Easy Way to Receive Payment As A Yahoo Boy

The mode of payment which I will list some of the method to receive payment from your client as a Yahoo boy below:

Method/ways to Receive Payment As A Yahoo Boy

You receive payment as a Yahoo boy through

  • 1 : Western Union
  • 2 : PayPal Account
  • 3 : A Picker
  • The Above Method Depend on What your client uses, But they still have other method, But I will only be talking on the 3 method mentioned above.

    Western Union

    When it comes to western union you must make sure that your client also use that in other to receive payment for him or her by making use of western union is very easy to use.

    PayPal Account

    This PayPal method is good and very easy to use, but you must make sure you create you paypal account with fake email,

    To receive payment using PayPal Account you must make sure your client have a PayPal account in other for you to receive payment for him.

    If you need a Verified paypal account you can contact me.

    A picker

    A picker is the best method to receive a Payment from your client.

    A picker is a person that helps you to pick up a money from a client and wire your own share.

    A picker is normally gotten in USA, You will make use of a picker that is if the client is will to pay big so a picker will handle the job.

    Read More About A Yahoo picker by clicking the link Below:

    Who Is A Yahoo Picker And How To Become A Yahoo Picker

    This method work all over including in Nigeria but the picker method is excluded in Nigeria since USA is a place that they normal use a picker.

    Base On receiving payment as a Gee Boy Or Gee Girl, You must be smart even if you don’t want to make use of the above payment received method above, or if you run a local Yahoo business you can still make use of the method I am going to talk about below:

    Local Yahoo Scam Payment Receive Method In Nigeria

    When it comes to This Local Yahoo Scam Payment Receive Method In Nigeria, is just a simple method of Scamming your fellow Nigerian Using local Yahoo scam method.

    You can Do The local Yahoo scam using Forex Trading Format Scamming Format, you can also make use of Bet9ja scam format which you will make use of Telegram.

    join some of Yahoo Boy Telegram Group ,

    So that is how to receive payment as a Yahoo boy through the local Yahoo scam method which only work in Nigeria.


    When you follow the Above Steps and Method you will easily received your payment As a Yahoo boy or girl.

    Stay safe

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