Earntype Review: Find out What Earntype is All About

Earntype Review is what am going to be talking about , after reading this article you will find out if Earntype is legit or scam , And how Earntype works

Please kindly Read From begining to the end

Majority of you should be expecting me to reel out the breakdown as it applies to income program where you read to get paid. But I’m sorry to disappoint you! We do not read to get paid here. Abi you never tire to read

Let’s write/type to get paid now.

This is absolutely something different , you can make it big you take action on time


WHAT IS EARNTYPE ( Earntype review)

EarnType is an online Type-based competition platform that pays members daily for typing. It is an online earning opportunity that suits everyone- professionals, market men women, stay at home moms, students, old and young, those who can refer and those who can not refer, etc._

How Does EarnType Works


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We have 3 sessions in Earn Type, viz:

1. Morning session

2. Afternoon  Session

3. Evening session.

For Each session, a user earns N50 as daily activity earning.

For the 3 session, you’ll earn N150

Login Into your account, Then Click on START TYPING on your dashboard to start typing that ( Sentences or word) that will be displayed for you.

Your time start counting when you click START TYPING button.

Winners are seen on a LEADERBOARD every 12pm for Morning session,  4pm for Afternoon Session and 10pm for evening session.


Top 1- 50 members who typed faster will receive N500 immediately to their wallet, immediately the result appear on the leaderboard by 12pm,4pm and 10pm Respectively.

In addition, EarnType will host daily Quiz from Monday to Thursday for Free and 3 members will win 2,000 Naira each daily.

While From Friday to Sunday, Our Quiz will be a Paid one (@ N50 ). 10 people will win N2,000 each daily.

REGISTRATION FEE: N1,600 one time payment

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Does Earntype pay without Referral

Yes you get paid without referral , but referral is just an additional way to earn more

How To Become A Yahoo Boy

How To Register On EarnType

Before you can register , you need to buy a coupon code for register , the list of verified coupon vendor are listed

List of verified Earntype Coupon Vendors

Echichoya Joshua
Contact Vendor: 09055769894

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Charity bagudu
Contact Vendor: 08163965975

Godfrey Emmanuel
Contact Vendor: 09028417215

Obiji Emmanuel
Contact Vendor: 09062134430

Christiana Obidi
Contact Vendor: 07037568287

Charity bagudu
Contact Vendor: 08163965975

Warning : Get your code from them and follow my link below to register

Click Here To Join Earntype Income Program

Kindly join our WhatsApp group for guide link

Click Here To Join Earntype Income Program Official WhatsApp Group

Is EarnType legit or Scam

Is legit and is something different entirely , top affiliate marketers are involved , so join early will make you benefits alot ,


QUESTION:- Who is the CEO of EarnType?

Mr Iniovorua Jonathan

QUESTION:-What’s the cost of registration?
1,600naira only

QUESTION:- Will I make any payment again after my registration?

QUESTION:- When is payout date?
Payout is done on a daily basis. You can withdraw all your profit at anytime.

QUESTION:- What is the minimum payout?
The minimum amount you can withdraw is #500 when you win, anytime anyday and you will receive your payment within 24 hours

QUESTION:- In what way can I Withdraw my earnings?
You can only withdraw directly to you bank account

QUESTION:- Is multiple accounts allowed
No, That is not allowed.

QUESTION: What is the Minimum Referral Amount i can withdraw? ,The Minimum Referral amount you can withdraw is N3,000

QUESTION:- How much do i make if i refer people?
N1,000 per person you refer.

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QUESTION: Must I refer before i can withdraw? , No. You can withdraw all your money without referral. REFERRAL IS NOT COMPULSORY.

QUESTION:- What is the Minimum Daily Activity Earning I can withdraw (N150)? , N4,000 is the minimum daily activity earning you can withdraw.

QUESTION:- When can i withdraw my Daily Activity Earning (N150)? , Monthly – 31st of every month end.

QUESTION:- Is there daily sponsored post? , Yes

QUESTION:- Must i share daily sponsored post? ,
YES. you must share it for you want to receive your DAILY ACTIVITY EARNING every end of Month.


👉It is reliable and fresh.(You earn with No stories)

👉It is run and managed by reliable team

👉EarnType start-up/registration fee is very cheap and affordable. with Just 1,600 (one time fee)

👉Referring is not compulsory.

👉Payout is done daily, weekly and monthly for daily activity earning. you get paid almost instantly without delays

👉You can withdraw as little as 500Naira

👉 You must earn N5,000 before any upgrade. This is automatic.

Other recommended legitimate income program

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Wrapping up : Earntype Review

In conclusion on : Earntype  Review ,This is a life changing platform , kindly join , the earlier the better , don’t forget early birds benefits alot  ,please don’t forget to subscribe on our blog and share with your friends

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