How to Delete My Credit Card from DoorDash

How to Delete My Credit Card from DoorDash, you might have many reasons that you want to delete this credit card from DoorDash.

That is not my business, but on today’s article I will guide you on how to do that.

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Is not longer a new thing that their is integration of technology in our daily life’s most especially in our payment system,

On DoorDash website you can use your card to make payment or to buy anything from the website, but most people finds it difficult to delete the card after payment, you don’t need to worry your self, that is why I will be showing you the exact way to do it.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is just an online shopping website that allows you to place order of meals from anywhere around the world by using their website, and as a means of doing so, it also allows you to make purchases and orders using your credit card, that Give you Access to save your credit card details for future purchases.

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Now you have know what DoorDash is, now is time to tell you how to delete the card from the website after any shopping.

How to Delete My Credit Card From Doordash?

How to Delete My Credit Card from DoorDash

If you want To delete your credit card information from DoordDash’s database, You need to follow the following Steps below:

  • 1: Log into your Doordash account.
  • 2: Click on the Account tab.
  • 3: Select “Payment Cards”
  • 4: To remove a card. Swipe left on the card and click “Delete”
  • That is the first step you need to follow in other to delete your card from DoorDash.

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    What is the procedure for deleting my DoorDash account?

    In other for you to be able to delete your Card From DoorDash you to follow the steps Below:

  • Visit Log and Log in to your DoorDash account.
  • Go to the menu button on your dashboard
  • Select Account
  • Select Manage account
  • Select your DoorDash account and press DELETE
  • Confirm
  • You need to follow that above and below also;

    How do you Delete your DoorDash Account?

  • Visit DoorDash website.
  • Log in and select the “Account” tab once there.
  • The “Manage Your Account” tab can be found there.
  • Is it possible for DoorDash to Steal your Credit Card Information?

    This still remain some of the questions that many people are asking if is possible for DoorDash to steal your credit card Details.

    Base on my own research on Wikipedia is not easy for the website to steal your credit details because bank always use otp before issuing payment.

    But is advisable you remove the card after shopping online.

    Conclusion On: How to Delete My Credit Card from DoorDash

    I have explained it in details on the basic steps on How to Delete My Credit Card from DoorDash, follow all the steps above to remove/delete your card form DoorDash.

    Thank You.

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