Dating Billing Format For Yahoo 2024: [Exposed] How To Protect Your Self

This Is Just An Investigation On Dating Billing Format For Client 2024 And Dating Billing Format For Yahoo .

The purpose Of This Investigation is To expose on How This Format is Been used in defrauding people so you can protect your self against getting scammed.

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Dating Billing Format : Billing Format For Client And Yahoo 2024

If you have been wondering on were to get  Dating Format Here you are

Before Reading this post , Note ; the purpose of this article is for educational Purpose

We are not in any way promoting fraudulent activities , The Article is for eye opener to educate you about the effect of fraud in the society

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Dating Billing Format For Yahoo 2024 Exposed: Learn How To Protect Your self

Dating Billing Format For Client, Dating Billing Format For yahoo

When it comes to this activities that fraudster’s using in defrauding people, they have different kinds of formats, that is why I am Exposing How The Dating Format Works.

This Dating Format you are hearing About is Same thing As Billing Dating Format, pay attention and read and understand on How fraudster’s use it so you can protect your self.

Let me briefly Explain  The meaning of Billing Dating Format For Client

This is a format internet fraudster’s make use of to bill their client , this format enables them to act as a girl.

With the help of the billing format they learn and implement on How to Date a white man for money

The main thing to understand on what Dating Billing Format for client is that , The format is just the way they can use it to defraud Their Client their hard earned money all in the name of dating.

Without wasting much of your time let me go straight to the point on Dating Format For Client

How To Use The Billing Format For Yahoo [Exposed]

Before all the fraudster’s start using this Dating Format, what they first of all do is to get all their tools need.

First of all they need is   To

Create A profile Account

The profile Account can serve as a social media account like  Facebook, Telegram, Instagram , Twitter and the rest

A strong Vpn

What They Do is That Vpn Help Them to Access their Website that can’t  be accessible, They Can access it with the help of vpn

A Foreign Number,

This number basically will be A number from. USA or UK , They make Use of The Number To Message Thier client which is know as their victim.

Dating Billing Format For Yahoo [Exposed]

This Fraudster’s Also Do This Yahoo using Dating Format On facebook

What this yahoo Boys Do Is That they always open Facebook account Any Time their clients wants To Pay Them, All They Do is to open Facebook account or Instagram account with a female account , get a picture of a white lady , get the picture plenty and start changing the picture as the profile on Facebook on Instagram , start joining Be Aware Of This so you will not get scammed.

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American dating group on Facebook

They Join American Dating Groups, from their They Get A white man, Which They hook up with him and tell Them That They Are In Different County close to USA and hahahah I hope you know that white men like Ladies a lot , They always try to form and chat up with him smartly boom , the white man will request for a date from them, then they will have to ask for money for transport They can come over to their place and spend the weekend , guess what the white man will do is that they will fall because white men likes $€x  too much , They always request for $€x from them , with that they will automatically send them money so They can come over and when they eventually send the money, All They Do is to scam their victim and block them., You need to know about this so you will not fall Victim.


The above information is the little on Dating Billing Format for client , that is mainly on how to date white man for money ,

Please note That the purpose of this article is just for educational purposes, if you find any content disturbing, contact us we will take the post down.

Thanks for Reading.

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