Advanced Guide on How To Create And Manage A Blog In Nigeria In 2023

Welcome To ptechs , on this tutorial am going to be teaching and giving you guideline on How To Create And Manage A Blog In Nigeria , because owning a blog is not an easy thing at all because you have to consider so basic strategy twords blogging before thinking of owning a blog

How To Create And Manage A Blog In Nigeria

Advanced Guide on How To Create And Manage A Blog In Nigeria

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Ok let me start with definition of blog and same time the meaning of a blog niche 

Meaning Of A Blog

A Blog is a web page own and manage by an individual ,group of people , set of people, or company, where contents are often updated, usually written in a unique way with the aim or purpose of attracting visitors and as well a source of income.

As we all know that Blog writers are called bloggers, and there are things you would need to consider before setting up a blog, e.g Good Writing Skills, therefore you must be a good writer before thinking about setting up a blog And you must be a good content writer , you must learn how to write unique article.

Another Aspect is that,  Before you can become a successful blogger you need to know your area of concentration and focus on what you no how to do best , as there are different kinds of niche, as you might probably heard of entertainment bloggers, tech bloggers e.t.c  , jumping into niche depend on the one you have passion towards , don’t follow your friends , because your friend is doing well in entertainment niche does not mean you should jump into same niche with your friend , just follow what you no how to do well and focus on it

Meaning Of A Blog Niche

A Blog niche is a choosen topics or areas you would like to focus and blog about. e.g Technology, Entertainment, Health, Fitness, Fashion, Finance, Business , It Can be seen as Your main Area of Specialization , the Area You Are capable of handling and writing towards that part , just like the few area listed above  e.t.c

Knowing your blog niche enable you to know what to blog about and how to target your audience, you might be asking your self “how do i know my niche? “.

Here are some factors/Tips  you would need to consider And Keep in Mind  before jumping into any niche.

Before you even think of  jumping into any blog niche, you must have carried some analysis and known the topic you would like to focus on, and you must have passion twords the niche that is another way of  knowing your interest  of becoming a successful blogger , without working on what your are good at you might end up doing copy and paste blogging that is why you must choose a niche and focus on that niche till you become successful

Go for what you know more about: let’s assumed you know more about tech than entertainment, i would suggest you go for tech, because there will be a brighter chance of been successful.

Know your competitors: knowing your competitors and ways you can outrank them can bring about successful blogging.

Without any long stories and wasting of time , let me quickly show you the secrets on how to create a blog In Nigeria.

How To Create And Manage A Blog In Nigeria.

Know where to host your blog, either blogger / blogspot or wordpress (depends on your choice), but i recommend wordpress, i recommended WordPress because it has many features that blogspot doesn’t have , I will be listen those features on my next blog post


Know what to use as your blog name and description, related to your niche

Make your blog active And Mobile Friendly:

Now that you have known your blog name, let  teach you how to create and run/manage  a blog on wordpress platform. And Note , your blog name must be short and must match your niche

Now, to use wordpress service you have to register with any web hosting provider either free or paid, and I am  recommending paid one.

Here are the list of some of the web provider you can use and host your blog

But when it comes to Webhosting I highly recommend namecheap

You can choose  any one of your choice and sign up with them, then select your hosting package make payment if needed.

After finishing the above steps, check your mail and follow the given instructions to login into your account cpanel.

After entering your Cpanel, locate your Softaculous then select WordPress, and fill in your wordpress installation details and Install.

That’s All.

You can  log into your wordpress dashboard by attaching /wp-admin/ at the end of your blog url, e.g

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Conclusion on : How To Create And Manage A Blog In Nigeria

The above article is the steps and guide line on How To Create And Manage A Blog In Nigeria , follow it one by one to open your own blog and don’t forget to submit your blog sitemap on Google search console to enable Google to  index your post

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