How To Create A Bitcoin Investment Website [Exposed!]

Have you been Dreaming on How To Create A Bitcoin Investment Website?, you are at the right place.

Due To The rise of crypto currencies like Bitcoin and the rest You should consider owning your own fake Bitcoin website And Get people to invest.

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In this post I will show you How To Create A Fake Bitcoin Investment Website And Make people believe That you are a Bad Developer.

Kindly Take Note That The purpose Of This Post Is for Educational purpose, Don’t Miss used the content Because if you get caught you will face the law

In other for you to create an investment Bitcoin website you need to have a knowledge of PHP script and coding.

Not limited to that you need to own a domain and a hosting platform, that is the basic knowledge you need to have.

The main purpose of this fake Bitcoin website is to send and receive funds in coin using The Bitcoin Yahoo Format Method.

so if you want to learn it continue reading to the end.

How To Create A Fake Bitcoin Investment Website

In other to create this investment website for your personal use, you need to make it look professional because when it look professional clients/investors will Agree TO invest with you.

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How To Create A Bitcoin Investment Website

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Still on how To Build the investment website;


Buy Your Domain Name

This domain name is necessary, you need to select a good domain name for your website because if you use any how name, people will not find it very attractive to visit the website.

You need to choose a professional domain name in other to enable an investors to invest on Your Bitcoin Investment website.

Choose names like BuyNumber Coin, and the rest, becareful when it comes to choosing of number.

If you want to buy a domain name for your website I recommend you using Namecheap .

You can watch The Video Below For Guidelines.

Buy A Bitcoin investment PHP Script

With the help of this Php Script You can easily Create A Bitcoin Investment Website with out much designs since the script already have those resources, All You Need to Do is to Redesign The Website To Your Test.

The Bitcoin Investment Website script makes it very easy to build the website without Any Knowledge of coding.

Design Your Fake Bitcoin Investment website On Local Host

Local Host I am talking about is your computer, you can run a test by designing the website on your computer before you finally design it on the internet.

Why I said so is that when you encounter error you can make an Adjustment.

When it comes to creating of a fake Bitcoin investment website you are highly recommend to make the website look legit in other to make it trusted by investor’s.

In other for you to make your fake Bitcoin investment website look legit the website should have the features listed below;

  • Proof of payment
  • Address Location
  • Registration Number
  • Security And Exchange Commission
  • About Us Page
  • Contact Us page
  • Testimonials

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Buy A Host For Your Website

You need to buy host and make the invest website visible on the internet because if the website is on your computer only, is only you that can access it .

When it comes to purchasing a host make sure you use a strong host, my recommendation is is Shijinru, Shijinru is an Asian Company that is well know for their offshore hosting server and DMCA Protection.

When you host your investment website their you will have a peace of mind, the hosting company is well secured and Reliable.

How To Grow Your Fake Bitcoin Investment Website And Get Investors

In other to get client to invest on with you, you need to market your website.

Run Marketing Campings

Since you are done creating your website and have the website up and running, you need to promote your website in other to get people to invest.

When it comes to Advert you can make use of Google Ads since Google allows crypto exchange and investment websites to Advertise on their platform, with little money you can run Google advert And Get Audience To Visit your site.

Use Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer are people that are popular like comedians and people that have followers on social media, when they advertise your website on their page you will easily get investors to come and invest on your website.

Create A Referral System

Referral System Helps Alot, you can choose create a referral System by telling investors that if they bring some one to Do website they have some commission from the person deposit.

When you do that you will see some people will advertise your work to their friends and family in other to get commission via referral.

How To Create Bitcoin Investment Website with WordPress

Many people keep on asking Questions like; How To Create Bitcoin Investment Website with WordPress, How To Create A WordPress CryptoCurrency Investment Website, is possible to use WordPress But it might not look professional and is stressful because it requires Coding.

Is always advisable You create a Bitcoin Investment Website with Script.

How To Create Bitcoin Investment Website For Free

Some people keep on asking if is possible to create an investment website for free?, Is not possible because you need to buy Bitcoin Investment Website script, you need to buy domain and host.

If you are not good at Creating the site you need to pay a developer that will create the site for you so is not free to create bitcoin investment site.

So Do You Need Need Bitcoin investment website?

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Conclusion On: How To Create A Crypto Investment website

Creating crypto investment website is easy that is if you follow the steps Above, all you can contact a developer to create the fake Bitcoin investment website for you.

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