christmas billing format for client PDF Download Exposed

christmas billing format for client is one of the format used by yahoo boys during festival season like Christmas.

On this article I am going to exposed how the Christmas Yahoo format which is know as Christmas billing format for client is been done so you will be safe and protect your self from getting scammed via the format.

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Before I go further what you need to know is that this format works for people that are into dating.

That is to say people that use Dating Billing Format for their work.

christmas billing format for client

christmas billing format for client PDF Download Exposed

These are the basics requirements you need for the Christmas Yahoo format.

In other for you to be able to use this format, you need to follow the thing in the right way.

When it comes to dating , below are the requirements that you need.

  • Facebook.
  • Vpn.
  • Format.
  • USA Number/Google voice number.

Let me explain how all of this works.


Facebook is an app that you can use to Edith your account , and from their you can get sure client to chat with.


The work of Vpn is that it makes you to stay Anonymous online, it helps you to Access some website that is restricted by specific country.


Format should not be a new thing to you , format is a guidelines that will teach you how to go about it , we have Dating format , and the rest.

You will pick Any format and use base on the kind of work you do.

USA Number/Google voice number

USA number/Google voice is USA number that you go use open Whatsapp , you go move your client for Whatsapp for safety.

How To bill Using christmas billing format for client

We have many ways you can use to bill your client.

Hey I wish you happy Christmas and New year , bae I am in deep mess which I will be needing assistance from you, don’t know if you can send me 200$ for Christmas.

When you send the message like that , trust me your client will credit you, but this is not the full format if you need the full format contact me.

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