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Have you heard of China Work Yahoo Format For Billing Client Or China (Chinese) work yahoo format for sure client?. If you have no idea on it, don’t worry this article will be covering everything you need to know about China work yahoo format And Also How To Protect Your self from Getting Scammed From it.

You must have heard of different kind of Yahoo Boys formats, but the major question now is that, can you use the format cashout or do you know how to use those format to bill your client?.

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Let me tell you something, as long as I am concern, China work is good. when it comes to sure bombing and billing of client.

China work Operate Same wayDating Billing Format Works, but the difference their is that all your conversation with client must be translated to china, your client will send you message in Chinese language and you will translate it in English and know the meaning and you will also send in Chinese language to your client, that is what will call Chinese yahoo billing format also know as Chinese work yahoo format.

Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

Before we go more further let me explain to you what China Work Yahoo Format is;.

What Is China Work Yahoo Format?

Chinese Work Yahoo Format know as China work simplely means, chatting and Dating a Chinese woman for money.

When you are using this format, all you need to do is to act as a Chinese woman in other to make Chinese men fall in love with you, so when they do so, you can make use of any means of strategy to collect money from the Chinese men, it also serve as that of The Dating billing format for woman to man pdf, Dating billing format for itunes card And How To Date a Man Or Woman For Money.

Tools Needed For China Work Format For Billing A Client.

When it comes to this China work , you need some tools to enable you carry out this work effectively, that is why on this article write up I am going to be telling you the necessary Tools Needed for the work below;

Fake Social Media Profile Account


You can create a fake social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, twitter and any other social Network.

When you create the social media Account, mostly go for Facebook or Instagram because you can easily get sure client their, your editing of profile will base on the gender you are using, if you are going to be editing it to be from man to woman or from woman to man, it wil occur base on how you want to use the format.

Get A Strong Legit Foreign Number

You are going to be needing USA or UK Number or any country number, because you can move the client from Facebook or Instagram to WhatsApp for proper chatting, but when it comes to the number the USA number is available and you can read for your self on How To Get Foreign Number For Yahoo Here.

Get A Strong Premium VPN

VPN plays a great role when it comes to this China work yahoo format, why I said so is that you can make use of the VPN to stay anonymous online and it will also help you to access some websites that are restricted from other countries, you can read more on Best Vpn For Carding On Amazon And Aliexpress .


Translator plays a great role in China work yahoo format, do you know why I said so, because you make use of the translator in knowing what your Chinese man is saying via chatting and you can translate your own and send to him.

Next thing now is How To use The format.

How To Use China Work Yahoo Format For Billing Sure Client

China Work Yahoo Format For Billing Sure Client, Chinese Work Yahoo Format

You can run your China work on Facebook by joining some Chinese language Groups on Facebook, from their you can get a sure client to bill and cashout successful.

When you Get a client from Facebook, you can present your billing format like this;

China work yahoo format PDF sample Billing Format message Sample

Hey Dear, You look handsome and you gat good structure, I hope you are for only me and only me alone, I am going to be coming To your state to spend some time with you but the major challenges now is my up keeping and transport fees, so I can come over and spend the weekend, I will be happy if my request is Granted.

Note: Can You See, when you present the message to him that way, he will fall for you and when he send you the money, you can block him and move on, but when receiving your payment, you can use cash app, PayPal or bank wire transfer, but when it comes to Bank wire transfer make sure you use Fake Bank Account and make sure The Message is Written In Chinese language, you can make use of translator to translate the above write up into Chinese language so you can copy and paste to the client.

Conclusion On: China Work Yahoo Format For Billing Sure Client.

I guess you must have learnt How To use The China yahoo format to bill a client for sure cashout, China yahoo format is also know as Chinese yahoo format, Follow all the instructions above and see how this format will work for you.

If you have any questions make use of the comment section below;

Stay safe.

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