Charity Billing Format for Yahoo 2024 | PDF | .Doc [Download

Are you looking for Charity Billing Format for Yahoo | PDF | .Doc Download. You are at the right place.

The purpose of this post is for you to know how this  charity Billing format is been used so you can stay away from it.

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What is the charity Billing format?

In a simple language this charity Billing format is just a way in which you can manipulate and use some tricky messages to make your client believe that you need help in other for him or her to Donate money to you.

This is just a little explanation on it but with time you are going to know fully what the charity format is all about and how you can use it to Bill your client.

Steps On How To Use the Charity Billing Format

Charity Billing Format for Yahoo | PDF | .Doc [Download

This is how you can use charity Billing format for yahoo

In this format you can still use Military Persongass billing , celebrity billing and the rest.

In this format you just need to start your charity foundation, contact your client tell them story about you and cashout.

Let’s get started.

Reach Out To Your client

This kind of format need a heart touching story , what you need to do is to create a touching story that will enable your client to believe you.

This story can be a touching story like internally displaced children trying to survive or staying homeless.

You can go online and find story that have to do with internally displaced  children and compose it and send it to your client.

You can write a story about children that has been internally displaced due to Insecurity and this children are regarded as an orphan.

Build a Charity Website

The Best  way to pitch the best charity format for yahoo is to have a website that is well designed base on charity organization.

In this kind of website you can change the name as operation feed the nation foundation or USA charity Organization Foundation.

Make sure the name you use should be well known charitable organization that helps children in crisis.

When you are done creating the website , next thing is to find a charity site with a good looking image of displaced children homeless and testimonials.

You can also embed a few videos sourced from news websites covering the insecurities.

Compose Your Message

Still on the charity Organization billing format for client yahoo.

You need to compose a draft mail about the displaced Children in USA. See the sample below;

Every $100 can feed a child for a month. Your donation can rebuild their lives! Help in Rebuilding The children lives 

Reach Out to Your Client

Send a mail to your client telling them how the orphanage children in your community need an urgent donation with that the charity billing format to be effective.

The subject can read something like “Urgent: Help Orphaned Children in USA!

When Your client  open the email, they will be moved by the images and stories.

Receive the Donation

When you send them such message your client will be touched and send you 200$ or more to support the displaced children in USA.

Charity Billing Format For Yahoo Word Sample Messages


Format below is what you need to paste to your client in other for them to believe you and send you money.


Subject: Urgent Help Needed: Displaced Orphans in USA

Dear [Client’s Name],
My name is Stone, and I represent the USA  Child Care Foundation.

As you may have heard About the Recent  Attack in USA leaving thousands homeless and countless children orphaned.

we are on the ground, providing immediate relief to these innocent souls. But we can’t do it alone. We urgently need your help.

Every $100 you donate can feed a child for an entire month. Your generous contribution can provide shelter, medical care, and education to these children, giving them a chance at a brighter future.

Please, time is of the essence. Visit our website [WebsiteLink] to see the impact of your donation and to contribute. Together, we can rebuild their lives.

Warm regards,

Director of Outreach
USA Child Care Foundation

When you send the message like that, they will believe you and send the money.

Conclusion on:Charity Billing Format for Yahoo

The above write up is everything you need to know about this format, kindly share this content

Note: The Purpose of this post is for educational purpose Don’t miss use the content.

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