Can A Pregnant Woman Use Kayanmata? :Find out About

Can A Pregnant Woman Use Kayanmata? Is what some Ladies are asking about.

Don’t worry at the end of this article you are going to find out if it is possible for a pregnant woman to use Kayanmata.

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Before I proceed I will like to explain the meaning of Kayanmata.

What is Kayanmata?

Kayanmata is an hausa language which is know as waiste bead that is for love and favour waiste bead which you can not regularly seen in the market.

These waiste bead is prepared in the favour of works for connection , favour and break through and it is used for attractive men.

In hausa land this Kayanmata is mostly used by hausa ladies to tie their men down which they can easily use it to gain favour from their men.

Which most of the ladies use it to get control of their men I have read a story on social media about a young girl that use this Kayanmata to hold a man down , she used this Kayanmata to build house of her dream and also to buy a car of her dream.

Can A Pregnant Woman Use Kayanmata?

Can A Pregnant Woman Use Kayanmata? :Find out About

Yes pregnant woman can use Kayanmata since pregnant woman is like any other woman but all this things have their own benefits and risk factor.

Keep reading below to find out all you need to know about Kayanmata.

Benefits of Kayanmata Waiste  For ladies

No much benefit on this but only benefits you can gain from using this waiste bead is that you can use it to control your husband and gain favour from him.

Before I go further don’t forget we are still on the topic ; Can A Pregnant Woman Use Kayanmata?.

Do you know that some single ladies make use of this Waiste  bead to spice up their prost*tute work their by making men to give them enough money any time they sleep with them.

Let me talk the disadvantages of using Kayanmata wasite bead.

What you need to know is that anything that have advantage also have disadvantage.

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Disadvantages of using Kayanmata wasite bead

Here are the risks.

Just like everything that is good, there is a dark side to kayamata when used on and in the vagina. I love trado-medicine and have used it many times since I can remember, but when you don’t carry out lab test to know what the problem is and what medication is best, you risk the health of the patient. So using those substances inside the vagina may not be so healthy in the long-run. Some unwanted residue may remain, the vagina PH may be greatly affected, and other childbirth complications and risk of cancer exist too. Usually, we counsel people to only use lubricants that are water based for their vagina, and not to use any other thing down there unless their Gynecologists counsel so.

For the purposes of making more profit, some kayamata makers are suspected to mix risky substances in their mixture.

Generally, there is nothing wrong in using substances, including herbs to boost your sexuality, most especially as kayamata is a custom practised by married women or about to be married brides for their husbands, not boyfriend or “fiancée.”

If you asked me, I would say use every kayamata outside of those that have to be used inside your vagina or taken orally. Also, you may want to do away with using the other forms of kayamata unless you know the person making it to have integrity and is also an expert in it. Most of all follow your doctor’s counsel.

Let’s talk about waiste beads a little

A girl who wears waist beads for the pleasure of her husband is actually wearing kayanmata taking our definition of Kayanmata into consideration. There are many girls who wear waiste beads. My wife wears a waist chain and it is not magical. I told her I loved waist beads and would want her to wear some. However, because she doesn’t like waist beads, she got a waist chain and I am cool with it.

The reason why people use diabolic means to boost things is that in itself, those things are powerful. We wouldn’t say people should not eat at restaurants again because many cooks use witchcraft.

Conclusion on : Can A Pregnant Woman Use Kayanmata?

Pregnant woman can wear it but what you need to know is that their is risk factor about all this things , be careful before starting something.

I hope you have gotten an answer to your question : Can A Pregnant Woman Use Kayanmata?, share this article with your friends.

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