How To Bypass PayPal Phone Verification In 2024

How To Bypass PayPal Phone Verification In 2024, How To Bypass PayPal Security Check And How To Bypass PayPal Phone Number Verification Is what I will be Talking About In Today’s Article Write Up.

Paypal still remain The most secured App To use when it comes to receiving payment Outside the country, It can receive payment all over the world and you can receive your payment anonymously, that is if you don’t want any trace of transactions.

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You can request for your money withdrawal by making use of your phone number, and if you are not having phone number, your paypal fund will stuck inside, that is why I am going to be teaching you How To Bypass PayPal Phone Verification, If you are not having the phone number you use during the registration of your account.

You can still receive your payment without the number, that is by bypassing the paypal number verification or Instead you can make use of cash app.
Which on my previous Article I have written on How To Open A Cash App Even if you did not base or reside in United States.

I must tell you this that paypal you see today have over 20 Million Registered users And Which only 10 Millon are active or less, The main cause of this less active is due to the constant suspension or ban of paypal account due to wrong verification number, that is why I am going to be teaching you How To Bypass PayPal Phone Verification, Before that you will need to understand why paypal Demand/Required Phone Verification.

Why Does Paypal Always Need Phone Verification

How To Bypass PayPal Phone Verification , How To Bypass PayPal Security Check

Paypal Normally request for phone Verification Due To Security, Why they request for number verification is due to fraud.

When Your Paypal Account Is Locked, Solution To It

Login Via New location

In this aspect if your paypal account get locked, make sure you make use of vpn to login to new location so you can access your PayPal account back, you can choose to change your location to united state of America, that is depending on the location you are currently in, you need to make use of a premium vpn if you want your paypal account to work.

Sign In By Making Use Of A New Device

When your paypal account is locked, you can recover it back by making use of vpn and signing in the account in a new device.

Other Ways In Which You Can Bypass PayPal Phone Verification In 2021

This is the alternative way to bypass paypal phone verification, But you need to know that it work for some people and it doesn’t work for some people also, it will work for you depending on how you follow the instructions here.

Download And Login Using PayPal App

In this aspect, once paypal ask for phone verification, Don’t Do anything, this is what you should do.

  • check Play Store.
  • Download The paypal Application.
  • Enter Your Login Details.
  • You will Automatically Recover Your Account And Can Be Able To Login to Your Account Back.
  • Clear Your Browser History

    Caches might be the problem, so you can Clear Your Browser History Or Phone Cache And History, Then when you are Done, Try to login in again, if it Doesn’t Work then try another method.

    Use Incognito Browser

    Since you can change Your Ip Address Using incognito browser, so when you make use of it to login in your PayPal account, PayPal will think that you are using a New Device to access Your Paypal Account, using incognito browser will be of help to you in other for you to Bypass PayPal Phone Verification.

    Use Another Device

    You can consider Changing your device, that is to say, using another device, when you Make Use of Another device you can be Able To Bypass PayPal Phone Verification And Which Will Enable You To Recover your Account Back.

    Call PayPal Customer Care On Phone

    When you have tried all the method and you have no option left, that means you need to call the PayPal help customer care phone number, call PayPal customer care desk number, make sure you have your phone number at hand either real or fake before calling the PayPal customer care because they might likely ask for it, Narrate Your Questions To Them And Get Solution To Your Question.

    Format To Put Up a call To PayPal In other To enable You Bypass your PayPal phone verification below


    My Name Is Mr Max, I am Calling In Respect Of Me Not having Access To Login To My Account Due To Phone Verification.
    I lost my phone on 10th of December 2019 with my number in the phone.

    And To My Greatest Surprise, The person Is trying to Recover my PayPal account and confirm by making use of the number.
    Please is Their any way you can be of help to me ? because I don’t want to loose my hard earned money that is in the PayPal account. Please.
    Thank You.

    When you are Done with the narration of your Questions, PayPal Customer care will ask you some questions To know if you are really the owner of the account.
    They will request for your.

  • Date Of birth
  • Password
  • Username
  • Security Questions like which town your mother was given birth in
  • Wrapping Up: How To Bypass PayPal Security Check and How To Bypass PayPal Security Check in 2022

    Make sure you have all this information available before contacting PayPal because if you don’t have those information you might end up loosing your PayPal account.

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    How To Avoid Problems Of PayPal Phone Verification in 2022

    In other for you to avoid problems of phone verification by PayPal, you need to follow the steps below:

    Use A US Number For Your Registertion

    When it comes to registering PayPal account, I will highly advise you to register your PayPal account with US number, You can learn How To Get Foreign Number For Yahoo.

    Always Make Use OF The same Number To Login To Your PayPal Account

    Always Make use of the same device to login to your account, because when you do that, you can easily detect when some one is trying to login you account.

    Make Use Of A Simple Password And Set Security Questions

    When things get out of hand your can make use of the security question to recover your account, so that is why you need to set a security question.

    Conclusion On: How To Bypass PayPal Phone Verification

    The best way to bypass PayPal Phone Verification is by calling the PayPal Customer Care, they will guide you to solve your problem, but the above steps work for some while it doesn’t work for some people.

    Stay safe.

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