Business to start with low capital in kaduna State

Are you from kaduna state and you are looking for a Business to start with low capital in kaduna , worry no more , this business is mostly done by an under graduate

Business to start with low capital in kaduna

OKIRIKA(second hand cloth) Business

Okirika is  popularly known as BEND DOWN SELECT ,   is one of the most economical means of wearing cloths nowadays in kaduna state reason is because of the little economic situation that kaduna state is going through which makes is obvious that not everybody can afford to buy new cloths.

Meanwhile cloth is very important to human being as well. No normal human being will not like to put on cloth on his/her body on a daily bases.

As an Okirika seller in Kogi state, the rate of your sales will surely be high because it’s on a very high demand among the people. The sweetest part of this business is that you can make about 300% profit per sale on this business. Imagine buying a second hand cloth for N150 and sold it at the rate of N600 isn’t that awesome? Yea of course it is.

With our findings once can start a bend down select business with N10, 000 and gain at least N2000 as gain averagely per day.

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Fast Food Business

Fast food business is one of the businesses I will suggest to you because food is something very essential in our life, as you all know you all know no human being will be able to live comfortable without food.

As a fast food business owner, you’re not just making money but your are also saving peoples live by providing food for them when the need arise.

Fast food business does not require a lot of capital as it has been stated on the heading of this article, mind you, after so many research/findings on internet and from people who already venture un the business, we finally finds out that you can actually start this business with about N15,000 naira and earn at least N3000 daily.

Here is just the idea of the business, as you continue to check on our page, we’re going to analyses to you on how to start and how to manage your start up funds to remain on the business without sinking.

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Some of you may think Okada business requires huge capital to start , which is   completely no;  on this post I will show you how you can start your own Okada business without having a penny of your own as a start up funds.

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Here in Kaduna state you can start your Okada business by meeting those large enterprise that deals with distribution of bikes, on meeting those company you make your proposal to them about the new business idea you got, on accepting your proposal, you as an individual will sign an agreement with the company on how you are going to pay back for the bike you are given.

In some cases the agreement is always that; the individual remits money for the company on a daily bases which is between N2000-N4000 every day. On delivery, you as an individual will get at least N2000 of your own which means you can make N6000 daily while doing your bike business. You can imagine using N500 as your daily feeding fees while you keep N1500 for your self isn’t is awesome?

If you continue to this for a whole month do you know you can get nothing less than N45, 000 after every month ending.

N.B: this Okada business is not mostly recommended for women, with our research only man can handle this business effectively without sinking anytime soon.

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selling Garri in Kaduna state will earn you a lot money because Garri is mostly needed. If you check around you will discover that Garri is a common man food which most people can’t do without.

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Starting Garri business in Kogi state in Kogi state is very easy because it does not require large start up funds; an average Garri seller earns lot nothing less than N2000 naira everyday from her sales. The coolest part of the business is that you can actually start a Garri business with N5000. You can buy from whole sellers and sell to the final consumers.

Another mind blowing thing about Garri sales is that you can actually eat from it whenever you’re hungry which means it has a very good advantage to the seller and also the buyer.

Conclusion on : Business to start with low capital in kaduna

The above buisness is the common buisness you can start with low capital and make huge profit monthly , all you have to do is to understand the strategies  of the business , please don’t forget to share this article

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