Birthday Billing Format For Yahoo PDF Download 2024 [Exposed]

Investigation On Birthday Billing Format For Yahoo PDF Download, How It Is been Done so you can protect your self from getting scammed.

Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

When it comes to Yahoo Business, As a yahoo boy or Yahoo girl, Billing Format is one of the format they make use of.

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This format is all about using a tricks on your client in other to send you money on your birthday, you can always fake your birthday date, that is why it is called Billing Format For Yahoo.

But before you can use this format, you need to first of all learn the Secret On How To Convince Someone To Give You Money.

You must have learnt the act on how to convince someone to send you money, then you are good to use this format, but next thing now is knowing when to use this format.

When should I use The Birthday Billing Format For Yahoo

When you know the right time to use this Birthday Billing Format For Clients is necessary because of losing your client. When you know the right time to use the birthday Billing Format just know you can easily use it to get money from your client.

When Your Client Always want to Speak With you And loves you

First of all you need to start with the Dating Billing Format to make a friend and when using the format, you will use it to make your friend fall deeply in love with you before you start thinking of sending her expensive birthday gift.

After Presenting Your Gift And The Client Loves It

The format will work well when you present your gift to the client and she or he accepts the gift, then during your own birthday you can use that opportunity to bill the client, that is why they said; if you help some one today, the person might help you back tomorrow.

When The client Is Interested In Your Birthday

When a client is Interested in knowing your birthday, that means they will present a gift to you, so a day before your birthday quickly remind them so you can bill them, you can always fake your birthday if you like.

Guidelines To Follow When Using The Birthday Format For Clients

Birthday Billing Format For Yahoo PDF Download

You must make use of this format before Any other format.

You must remind your client three days before your birthday.

You must not accept money as your birthday gift instead make a request of Gift Cards as your Birthday Gift.

Your Billing Must not pass from $100 To $500.

In other for this format to work well for you, make sure that your client is deeply in love with you before you even think of using This Birthday Billing Format.

Billing Format Message Sample 1


Below is how you are going to present your billing messages to your client.

Hello Jenny, I want to inform you that my birthday is fast approaching and is on the 24th January. I am going to be celebrating it because it is not easy seeing another year and you know if I can get a gift from you won’t be a bad idea at all. love You, Any Thing from You Is ok To me.

Sample Billing Message 2

This particular message is for people that are using female profile Picture for their work.

Female To Man Dating.

Hi, Max you must have forgotten my birthday, but I just wanna give you a reminder to let you know that my birthday is coming up on the 25th of January. I love the date and I would like to have a celebration towards it and I will like you to make me smile that day, you can send me some gift, anything thing for you love Is accepted by me.

Sample Billing Message 3

Hi sweet heart, I hope you are aware that my birthday is coming up in a week’s time and I am looking forward getting a gift from you. Anything capable of you to show me how much you love and care for me, love you sweet heart.

Conclusion On: Birthday Billing Message Format For Yahoo

You see how the birthday Billing Format for yahoo works, but you can get the full format by Contacting us

Is always Good for you to know how to use any format before thinking of using the format, you can use this Birthday Billing Format well and cash out, that is why you need to follow my teaching step by step and also buy my format that is if you want the Format to work for you.

Stay safe.

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