How To Become A Yahoo Boy In 2024, Investigation OF Yahoo

How To Become A Yahoo Boy, Do You Know Yahoo has become the other of the day, Due to the current situation in Nigeria, many people choose to go into this so called thing called yahoo.

Many people even to an extend of searching for Whatsapp And Telegram Group Link.

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The main content of this post is to tell you the meaning of yahoo meaning, Dangers and Disadvantages Of Yahoo.

You need to becareful because the content of this post is not to promote fraud, is just an eye opening to tell you how it is been done so you can avoid falling victim to this pattern of scam.

Pay attention while I work you on how all this are been done and the main danger associated to it.

Meaning Of Yahoo

Yahoo means internet scam in Nigeria and which many people make use of this yahoo in defrauding many people on social media in early 2000s.

Base on this yahoo, The Nigeria Governments are trying their best method in respect of eliminating the cyber fraud with the help of EFCC to arrest the so called Yahoo Boys on Daily Basis Because They Make Use Of Different Yahoo format In Defrauding Their Victims.

What Does Yahoo Boy Mean?

Yahoo boy that is mainly know as G.Boy is someone that does yahoo Scam.

Becoming a Yahoo boy is not a good thing because if you eventually get caught you will face the law.

What is Yahoo Plus In Nigeria?

Yahoo plus also know as G+ plus is an advance method of yahoo.

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How Can You Identify a Yahoo Boy?

You can identify a Yahoo boy by the following means.

They braid, locked, or dyed Their hair

They wear earrings or ear studs

They have tattoos

They ride an expensive car

They Dress nice

They use an iPhone

They are always seen with Their laptop

How To Identify a Yahoo Boy, the above qualities are how to identify a Yahoo boy.

How to Become a Yahoo Boy Successfully

How To Become A Yahoo Boy

Still on Yahoo Boy if you want to be a successful one, you have to do this.


Good Laptop

Good Smartphone

Steady Internet Connection

Excellent Communication Skills


Dating Apps

Email Bombing App

Cloning Apps

Google Hangout

Google Translate


A Picker

Bank Drop or Anonymous Wallet

Foreign Phone Numbers

Foreign Email Addresses

Fake Social Media Accounts



Yahoo is Not a Good Thing to do, is a fraudulent act, instead of Doing Yahoo, you can go ahead and learn How To Make Money Online .

Pick a high paying skills and learn so you can make money from doing that and when it comes to income a skills to learn, you can choose to learn skills like;

Video editing

Graphics Designing


Advertising And Promotion.

Web Development.

The Above mentioned skills are skill you can learn and make money from doing it legitimately without any form of Fraud.


Please stay away from fraud and know if you do fraud and government catch you, you will face the law, that is why is always advisable you do a legitimate work so you will not get your self in trouble.

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