How To Protect Your Facebook Account From Yahoo Boys

This is The Investigation On How To Become A Yahoo Boy Using Facebook? And How You Can Avoid This practice

How To Become A Yahoo Boy Using Facebook

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How To Become A Yahoo Boy ,

Note:The Purpose of This Content is for illustration and for Educational Purposes, is just an eye opener for you to know how this is been done in other to avoid falling victim towards it, don’t practice this because you are at your own risk. Thank you.

So Today I am going to be focusing on How To Become A Yahoo Boy Using Facebook

This Article is going to be short so all you have to do is to read from Begining to the ending of the post

How To Become A Yahoo Boy Using Facebook In 2023 Exposed

How To Become A Yahoo Boy Using Facebook

Yahoo Yahoo has never been a good thing
But due to the situation people see their self They choose to follow the way that Pleases them to make money both legal and illegal way Yahoo Yahoo is part of hustling that is meant for smart once who are ready to take risky to hustle through illegal way

Many people tend to ask if you can do Yahoo on Facebook?, Do you know that Facebook is the best place to run a local scam which is known as yahoo, but this type of Yahoo is know as local scam , scamming on Facebook and other means

Let me list some of Yahoo format you can run on Facebook

list of Yahoo Scam Formats On Facebook

You can run some certain Yahoo scam on Facebook , few are listed below

  • Dating Billing Format

  • Betting scam format
  • Let me Explain better for you to understand how those format work

    1: Dating Billing Format

    How To Use The Billing Format For Yahoo

    To use this billing Dating format you need to put many things into consideration ,like the tools listed below will help you

    First of all you need To

    Create A profile Account

    The profile Account can serve as a social media account like Facebook, Telegram, Instagram , Twitter and the rest

    Get A strong Vpn

    Vpn will help you to Access some Website that can’t be accessible , you can access it with the help of vpn

    Get a Foreign Number,

    This number basically will be a number from. USA or UK , You can message me to help you get one

    This is the main method on how you can run Yahoo using Dating Format

    Running Yahoo using Dating Format On Facebook

    Let me say that your client wants To Pay you, all you have to do is to open a Facebook account with a female account , get a picture of a white lady, get the pictures plenty and start changing the picture as your profile picture on Facebook , start joining

    American Dating group on Facebook

    , from their  you can get a white man , hook up with him and tell him you are from a different country close to USA and hahahah I hope you know that white men like Ladies a lot , you can try and chat up with him smartly boom , the white man will request for a date from you , then you will have to asking for money for transport so you can come over to his place and spend the weekend , guess what the white man  must fall because white men likes $€x  too much , just request for $€x from him , he will automatically send you money so you can come over and when he eventually send the money , as a yahoo boy you know the need full to do , All You have to do is to collect the money and run

    Check out some of the Dating Site Below

    Below are some of the sites that you can visit to learn many things

    2: Betting scam format

    How To Use Betting scam format For Yahoo

    To run Gee on Facebook As Betting Scam , all you have to do is to use the local sport betting format Which you can run using Facebook group

    How To Do Yahoo On Facebook Group Using sport Betting Scam Format

    All you have to do is to sponsored Your Facebook Group Or Page on Facebook As an Advert , From their you will get member on your Facebook Group or Page depending on the one you are using

    Take Note You will be using Billing Sport format to collect money from people all in the name of fixed Sport match

    All you need to do is to get much members on your Facebook Group/Page

    All you need to do with your members is for you to start posting winning ticket of fixed match

    Do The fixed match winning tick as if is real to get your members attention

    you can even use your computer to Edith the winning ticket In Other to make it look real a little

    Some the major thing to do after winning your members attention is

    After winning your members heart , all you need to do is to show Them the price of your game , how they can subscribe to get fixed game

    To run the real Yahoo is just like running a local scam

    this is the process by which , your victim request for fixed match , all you have to do is to collect his or her money and send fake game to him

    Before Running gee using Facebook Group/page , make sure all the information you are using are all fake to avoid tracing,

    Your bank details should be Fake , you can open Ecobank account without bvn and voters

    You can open the account by using this Ussd Code *326* This account only accept Bank transfer

    Conclusion on : How To Become A Yahoo Boy Using Facebook

    Become a Yahoo boy is very easy but all you have to do is to be smart.

    The above information has explained it all on How To Become A Yahoo Boy Using Facebook , but all you have to do is to read and implement and also becareful when running the Yahoo work To Avoid some certain problem.

    Note: The Purpose Of This Article is meant for Educational purpose not in any way promoting fraud, don’t miss use the content, stay away from fraud.

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