How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status 2024

It is no longer a new thing that Whatsapp is not only limited to chatting, You can do business on WhatsApp that is why I want to teach you How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status And Make Sales from Doing that.

When it comes to Business , You should consider a perfume business because people patronize perfume most especially during the heat season.

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Because people address you from your physical appearance, they normally say when you smell good, you equally feel good,  nowadays people are no longer being considered on how they look, they equally consider how they smell.

Due to this you should consider starting a perfume business and this Article will teach and guide you on How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status And Make Sales from doing that.

Why Should I use WhatsApp As My Medium Of Advertisement?

You should use WhatsApp because we are talking about How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status,  Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media in the world with over 2 Billion active users on the platform.

So with that you can consider advertising your perfume business on your Whatsapp status and the best thing about Whatsapp is that is not only limited to Whatsapp status only, you can also send broadcast message to your contact users on WhatsApp.

When you send this broadcast message 60 to 80% of your contact users will open the message.

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Things You Need To Have In Mind Before Advertising Perfume On WhatsApp Status

You can’t just into something without knowing what the thing is all about, you need to set a lay down and strategy before advising.

You need to have the things listed below before advising your perfume business on your Whatsapp status.

1: Branding

Branding is very necessary, you need to get a brand name before you even think of
Advertising Perfumes On WhatsApp your Status.

Branding  will consider these factors like the name you want to use for your perfume business, the log or banner that will represent your perfume business.

When it comes to picking of a name consider picking a simple name that is not hard to pronounce, that is easily to be remembered and that is not too long to write.

You can choose to include your name when it comes to picking up a name, let me say your name is Obinna, You Can Go with “Obinna Deluxe Enterprise”.

Just make sure you use a smile name, not necessary you must use your birthday name, use a name that can easily be approved by CAC which some of the names you can consider using are listed below;

  • Perfume Empire
  • World best perfume collect
  • Dealers of perfumes

And the rest, the way you brand your business will determine how people will patronize you, so make sure you pick a good name for your self.

2 : Get Your Perfumes Ready

Still On How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status, You need to get your perfumes ready, you can buy the one your money can afford for a start.

When you are done selling the perfumes you can order for another one.

Do you no that is not necessary you must have a shop in other for you to start this perfume business but if you have money you can rent a shop but if you don’t have you can be in your room and be selling it.

As a student that don’t have money to afford for a shop rent you can be selling it at delivery , if you can have trusted people that can be helping you to deliver to the customers at good rate and make Profit from selling.

3 : Register Your Business Name With CAC

Is of a good advantage to register your business because it will make you stand fam above other people in that line of business.

The Corporate Affairs Commission which is known as CAC is a Federal Government agency that their main work is to regulate The information and also the operation of business in Nigeria.

When you register your business with CAC it will help you to;

Have And Secure A Certificate And Legal Document for your business.

The Registered business Name will be owned by only one and no one will have the right to use your business name.

It helps you in securing loan and grants when needed.

It will enable you to open a bank account with your business name.

4 : Open A Social Media Account With The Brand name

You can’t just limit it to Whatsapp only, you can also create a social media account handle with the brand name on Twitter, Facebook And Instagram for more online present by doing that you can target people of your choice.

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How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status And Make Sales.

How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status

There are Things  you  need to adopt before learning how To advertise perfume on your Whatsapp status, you need to you about marketing principles.

Below Are Some Of The basic principles you need to adopt That enables you to promote and market Your Perfumes on WhatsApp.

1: Download And Install Whatsapp Business

Before you consider advertising perfume on your Whatsapp status you need to get a business Whatsapp.

Business Whatsapp works Different from any other Whatsapp because with business whatasap you can choose to upload products in your catalogue with the discriptions and prices Tags.

With this if any body come to your Whatsapp, the person will first to your catalogue to know what you do, if the person finds what you sale interesting, he or she will chat you up.

2: Get Enough Contact

Still on How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status, Contacts are very necessary because you will sale your perfume to those on your contact list.

Do you know that a good product with any marketing audience or marketing strategies will generate no sale and a product with good and right marketing audience will generate high sales.

You can need to create a Whatsapp community which with the help of that whatasap community you can reach many people to tell them what you do.

You can choose to advertise your work and share your Whatsapp contact to any social hangout, Churches, meetings and rest.

As a student you can market the product your self from one lodge to another and if people are interested they will ask for your contact so they can buy your product.

3: Post A Clear Picture Of The Perfume

If you have gotten enough contact, you can choose to be feeding them with different kinds of pictures.

You can be posting different kinds of perfume on your Whatsapp status and people that are interested in buying perfume will message you.

Make sure you post different pictures of perfume, don’t post one pictures because when you post different kinds of pictures you will win your audience heart which they will patronize you.

Don’t forget we are still on How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status, next thing is to get a review from clients.

4:  Get A Reviews And Repost From Client

You can choose to pay people that repost your product on their Whatsapp status and include your number in the post.

When it comes to review, you can pay blogger to make review on their blog About your perfume and with that you can easily get audience.

You can still pay content creators to do a video about your product and recommend it to their Audience and from their you can get a contact of people that want to buy.

This is just a marketing strategies that will help you because if market your product well the more sales you will make form doing that.

5:  Give Discount And Reduce Price Tag

Since things are really hard everyday, do you know that when you give a discount from the initial price.

When you give Discounts it will help you beat your competitors and same time will help.

The major problem people now ask now if were to buy this perfumes at wholesale, that one is not a problem.

Where To Buy Perfumes At Wholesale Prices

You can buy this perfumes at jumia, order as many as possible and resale to make money from doing that, is trusted and realiable.

Conclusion On:  How To Advertise Perfumes On WhatsApp Status

When you are able to meet human needs you can make a reasonable sales from doing perfume business.

What you need to do is to target the right audience on WhatsApp in other to get buys and sale your product and make profit from doing it.

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