Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles In 2019

Hello am here again., The  Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles In 2019 is our topic for Today , Today am going to be coaching you on The  Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles In 2019, with this tips you will fully understand the Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles In 2019 ,

The  Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles In 2019

I notice that this days to Seo is becoming the most common Tips to Rank on any keyword of your choice , So Today I will be showing the exact method to write seo article that will automatically rank page 1 on google

What Is Seo ?

how to write search engine optimized articles that rank

1. Write Good SEO Tittle Tags

Write on what will attract your audience to click and read the post , lets take for instance article on How To Get Rich Under 5 Minute ,You see how it sound lolz , no body that will not see that kind of title and will not like to click on it to see what is the article all about

That is what we call Killer Headline , it makes your audience feel like if they don’t click on that particular title they are gonna die, but nobody is going to die cha  haha

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2. Optimize Your Contents

Optimize your article , any time you write a Post , try and optimize it with the yoast seo plugin , it will guide you a lot to rank that particular keyword and if you are not using the yoast seo plugin , my brother is better you install it nown , because it guide you more on how to optimize your article for better ranking and if you don’t want to install it , you are just wasting you time blogging

Focus Keyphrase Tips (what is Focus Keyphrase?) Also known as Focus Keyword

Your focus keyphrase MUST be found in your title tag (The heading of your blog post) It MUST be found In Your Slung and Meta Description and it shouldn’t be found more than 2 time in your meta description (don’t over optimize the keyphrase)

The  Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles In 2019

If you optimize you content correctly , you must rank that particular keyword on front page of google , writing seo article is the key for successful bigger , because that what determines if you are going to Rank or not

3. Do Keyword Research On Your Articles

what are Keywords? Keyword research is  a tool or link were people enter in other to find the search volume of a keyword

While doing keyword research keep in
mind of these three things

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Keywords Search Volume

Search competition

Keywords CPC

Search volume simply means the total number of searches Google receives About a particular keyword on a monthly bases If for instance the monthly traffic of a keyword is 50k, it means that Google is receiving 50,000 monthly search about that particlular keyword.

Wrapping Up : The  Advanced Technique To Write SEO Articles In 2019

4. Build Backlinks

Build quality back links from site that have high DA and PA authority >, Build Do Follow back links and build a little of No follow bavklink , You can get Do follow back links From Nairaland and other top forum website , Back links garrantees rich Seo and proper seo ranking factor , make sure you build back links in any keyword you want to rank

4. Build Internal inks

Is the process of Linking Your previous article in the current article you are write , when visitors visit due to the internal links , it makes the visitor’s stay long in your blog , which can increase ranking factor

Conclusion: Advanced Technique To
Write SEO Articles

Try to learn how to write seo article that will attract audience to your blog , try and stop copy and paste , it kill the blog and also it kills writing skills , try and learn how to build quality back links, Of your follow this article , you will be a professional seo article writer , infact , the article that will rank on Google first page

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