How To Add Your Blog On Freebasic In 2024

Welcome to ptechs , Today I will be talking on the topic on How To Add Your Blog On Free basic In 2023 , If you come across  what people are searching like
How To Add Your Blog On Free basic , How To Add A  Blog On Free basic and the rest , so today I have decided not teach you How You Can  Add Your Blog On Free basic

How You Can  Add Your Blog On Freebasic

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How To Add Your Blog On Freebasic

Do you know that registering your blog on Freebasic is another method and way of driving traffic again to your blog , is always good for someone to add his blog on Freebasic especially when he or she lacks the knowledge of seo , he or she can make use of Freebasic as an  another  traffic source


Freebasics is a platform owned by Mark Zuckerberg of facebook, it was established on August 20, 2019 with the aim of connecting the world.

Freebasic official website is available for free without any data charges, and equally allow guest to visit few websites that has been registered under the service for free without having any data in their phone


Freebasics also has his own  requirements just like the way Google Adsense has their own Requirement, Here are some of their requirements.

You must Have a Blog/Website : you can’t just start applying for Freebasic when you are not having a blog or a website.

You Must Not Run Your Blog/Website  on javascript: freebasic will never approve site that is currently running javascript

Your Blog/Website must not contain big files: Big files like videos, Apk files, axes files e.t.c can  prevent freebasics from approving your blog/website


Here are some of the  steps you need to follow before applying for freebasics


Submit your personal information like Name, Phone number, Email address connected to your facebook account e.t.c

Input your basic service details.

Imput your blog / wapsite name with the description which must not be more than 35 characters

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Choose your primary language and equally select the country which you want to make your brand , if you wish. (optional)

Now you can submit your application and wait for approval, which normally takes some few days.

Conclusion on : How To Add Your Blog On Freebasic

Make sure you Read  their Privacy and Policy before applying for freebasics, because their might be other new policy which I did  not list here. , Adding Blog on Freebasic have many Requirement and also have advantage and disadvantage , in the respect of seo , some bloggers intend driving traffic from free basic because they lack seo knowledge , when you add your blog/website on freebasic you have chances of getting views on your blog because most people that access the website / blog , access it for free that is because free basic dosnot require Data for accessing a blog , you totally access a blog for free since the blog is registered on Freebasic , the above steps is the guideline on How To Add Your Blog On Freebasic

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