How To Apply And Activate An Opay Debit Card

Opay is one of the largest online mobile transactions in Nigeria Which is owned By Opera mini.  That is why I want to Tell you How To Apply And Activate An Opay ATM Debit Card .

The main reason why opay was created is for sending and receiving payment, which this app operate both in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa.

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This Opay Debit card was launched earlier 2021 and which made transactions very easy because the main purpose is for quick and easy payments both online and offline.

You can still use the app for money making by participating in opay referral program.

When using opay you have many features to archive, with the help of opay debit card you can withdraw from ATM with a charge free and also get a Cashback reward for all your transactions and is totally free.

In this post I will be talking on How To Apply And Activate An Opay Debit Card , Basic Features Of Opay Debit Card, How To Activate And Request For Opay ATM Debit Card and many more.

What is an Opay ATM Debit Card?

Opay Debit card is just a card that has been issued by Opay to its users for easy withdrawal of money from POS And ATM Machine with free service charge.

Features Of Opay ATM Debit Card

Still on How To Apply And Activate An Opay Debit Card , Opay ATM Debit Card have Many Features Like;

  • 1: Free Transfer.
  • 2:  No maintenance Fee.
  • 3: Cashback Reward Annually.
  • 4: 15% Owealth interest.
  • 5: Zero Lost Card Liability.
  • 6:  Make Withdrawal via Pos And ATM Anyway In Nigeria And Other Countries.
  • 7:  Acceptable Anyway In Nigeria.
  • 8: Available In Naira Denomination.

These are the features you will enjoy when you get an Opay debit card, That is why I want to teach you How To Apply And Activate An Opay ATM Debit Card, So you will enjoy transactions free of charge.

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How To Get An Opay Debit ATM Card?

Getting opay debit card is mandatory if you make use of opay for your Transactions.

In other for you to get this card you need to be an opay user and to register.

  • When you visit the website, Download the application on your iphone or Android device sign up your details.

When you are done creating account with opay, next thing is to Apply for The opay Debit ATM card.

How To Apply And Activate An Opay ATM Debit Card

How To Apply And Activate An Opay Debit Card in 2023, What is an Opay ATM Debit Card, is Opay legit or Scam?, benefits And Features Of Opay Debit Card

This is how You can apply for this Opay Debit Card.

How To Apply For Opay Debit Visa Card

This is the best way you can apply and get the card.

  • Login via Your Opay By using your Mobile Phone number.
  • Click On ‘Request For Opay Debit Card’.
  • Input where you want to get your card.
  • Input your correct Details.
  • They make a payment of N700 for the card fee.
  • It will take 24hours for you to get your Opay Debit Card.

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How To Activate An Opay Debit Card?

When opay send you your visa card what you need to do is to activate the card.

In other for you to active your Opay Debit Card All You Need To Do is To Follow The Guideline below:

  • 1: Login Your Opay App.
  • 2: click on Me.
  • 3: Click On Activate Card.
  • 4:  insert the card number on the card and click on Confirm.
  • 5: Opay Will send you default pin which is 0468.
  • 5: when you are done with the basic steps you will be rewarded with N500 Airtime.

That is all on how to activate your opay ATM Debit  Card.

Opay Debit Card Tracking

Opay have a feature which is tracking of debit card, this will help you when you misplaced your opay Debit card.

What you need to do is to reach out to opay customer service and lay your complain, once you do that they will track the card and block it.

This Tracking is very important because if you lost your card and some one knows your pin he or she will make use the pin to withdraw the money in your opay account.

So when you misplace or Your card got stolen all you need to do is to report to their customer care they will track the card and block the care.

Is Opay Debit Card Free?

Opay Debit Card is not free,  Opay charge N700 for the Card And N300 for delivery of the card.

So you need to have money in your opay account before requesting for the opay Debit card because is not free.

Charge Rate of Opay Debit Card

Still on How To Apply And Activate An Opay Debit Card , below are the opay ATM Debit Visa Card Charge Rate.

  • 1: Application Of Opay ATM Debit Card Is N700.
  • 2: Withdrawal From Any ATM Is Free.
  • 3: Funds Transfer is Free.
  • 4: Maintenance fee is free.
How To Change Opay Debit Card Default Pin [Change Your Opay Debit Card password]

Is very easy to change  your default password, all you need to is;

      1: Visit Any ATM Slot.
      2: Put your Your Opay Debit Card into the ATM.
      3: Input the opay Debit card number and the default pin.
      4: Create A New Pin.

That is all the pin will be activated when you change the default pin.

Is Opay Debit Card legit?

People keep on asking if this card is actually legit and if opay it self is also legit.

What I can say is that Opay is 100% and The Card, you don’t need to be scared because Opay is licensed by CBN There for making it Legit.

So you don’t need to be scared use the opay Debit card to the fullest with withdraw charge rate totally free.

Conclusion On: How To Apply And Activate An Opay Debit Card

I must tell you Opay is Good and Safe Since it is licensed by CBN, with the help of Opay card you can make numerous transactions for free without paying any charges.

With the help of this card you can use it for  online payment and the charge rate is totally free.

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